So You Want to Be a Hacker

How to Become a True Hacker

Whenever you say the term hacker, many people automatically think the worst. The term is actually a label of respect only given to the best of the programming community. One thing that you need to keeping mind is that hackers create and crackers destroy. When most people think of hackers they are actually referring to crackers. This is a common misnomer brought about by a media panic from the first internet attacks. The title of hacker is not given freely and is only bestowed upon you by other fellow programmers. There are some key steps to advance you to the possibility of being regarded as an instagram hacker, but there is no guarantee that you will ever achieve such a noble standing. In fact, very few programmers have reached that plateau.

The first thing that you will need to do is to learn computer languages. It is rather hard to be a computer programmer without knowing how to program. The more languages that you learn, the better off you are. This may sound like a daunting task, but computer languages are like regular languages in that once you learn one, learning more is easy. You want to vary the languages that you pick. While knowing only languages used in the Microsoft .NET framework could be useful, it severely limits what you can do in Instagram. COBOL and PERL are good starting points. These two languages are simple and rather easy to get started with. HTML is not a programming language but can help to ease you into the field. HTML is very easy to learn for anyone that can read and write English. There are many similarities and the code is very similar to shorthand. It also gets you prepared for how some of the codes work together. While HTML has nothing to do with programming a computer, it does get you in the right mindset, Instagram uses it intensely. JAVA is another good language to know since many programs do run over the internet now. JAVA is similar COBOL since it is an easy language to pickup. It is another good beginning language.

Once you master JAVA, COBOL, and PERL, you are ready to continue with any number of languages. The heavy reliance on Microsoft programs in today’s world puts a need to learn C# (C sharp) high on the list. This language should be high on the list of languages that you learn. One thing to keep in mind is not to overwhelm yourself. Many people that attempt to learn several languages at the same time often get them confused and that is when errors happen. The languages all have some similar elements and can easily be confused. It would be like trying to take a Spanish and Italian class at the same time. You will end up speaking (or coding) in both languages and nothing will come out correctly. One other thing to remember is that while taking courses with an instructor at a college campus may be nice, it is not necessary. In the Instagram hacking world, degrees are nice but the certification is what matters. If you can pass the certification test, then you know the basics of the language and the certification is what employers and clients will be concerned with. The emergence of degree-mill colleges does not ensure that you know anything, just that you spent a lot of money to get a piece of paper.

The Open Source world is where true programmers reside. This is not a glorious realm and it will not make you the next multi-billionaire, but it is very fulfilling and can earn you a lot of respect. You need to know that the job of a hacker is to make the world a better place for everyone. It is not a get rich scheme. You want to make enough money to keep you in food and computers, but that should be the extent of it. To truly be respected in the community, you will need to spend a lot of time developing open source programs. These are free or low cost programs that anyone can use. There are many different teams out there working on new or better programs that span all types. From operating systems like Linux, to video game software like emulators, there is an open source project calling for you to help. The open source community needs all the help it can get. This could be anything. Many of these open source projects are posted on boards throughout the internet. Source Forge is a great place to start as well as Gnu. Once you have mastered a language, you should find an open source project and see what you can help with.

The biggest thing to remember is that hackers are just trying to make computers better. They are responsible for many advances and a lot of the technology that we have today. In fact, there would be no internet if not for these masters of the programming world. Linus Torvalds for instance, created the Linux kernel. Without it, there would have been no Apple OS and Windows would still be in the NT era with no competition. Mobile browsers, streaming video and audio, server software, all were developed and made better by hackers. It is an honor to work towards the advancement of computers and technology. This is the entire premise behind becoming a hacker.

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