Beware of Cell Phone Hackers

Recently in my office, a coworker’s cell phone bill mysteriously doubled. The phone was one that he uses for work purposes only, and he hardly ever uses it, keeping it in his car most of the time. All of the charges that made the bill double were for hundreds of text messages and visiting internet sites. The phone company said that he may [...] Read more

Cyber Espionage - Computer Hacking, Chinese Style

Cyber Espionage isn’t sexy like James Bond. But then, are any spies really as sexy as the movies make them out to be? That may be something we never know. Certainly terms like “computer hacking” doesn’t sound very sexy. However, one thing we do know about cyber espionage – whether you call it computer hacking or [...] Read more

A Guide to Computer Hacker/Hacking Movies

This is not a complete list of every hacker movie out there, but it includes many computer hacking classics and the most popular ones. Electric Dreams This is a must-see old 80’s movie! It’s actually a love story that goes something like this – a nerdy guy who knows nothing about computers buys himself a home computer. Within [...] Read more

Hacker - Friend or Foe?

An Oscar winning 80s film called “War Games” – about a boy who hacked into the National Security Computer, nearly caused World War III but ultimately saved the day by using guile, ingenuity and his logical mind – left a great impression and also opened up a debate in my mind about whether hacking, the pastime if a rather [...] Read more

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Hacker - Friend or Foe?

An Oscar winning 80s film called “War Games” – about a boy who hacked

Essential Guide to Secure Instagram Passwords

Some people reading this will have good instagram passwords, some people will have

Avoid Hacking in Instagram as Well as with Other Online Accounts

We All Hate Malicious Hackers, Here's How to Avoid Them This particular guide refers to