April Declared as Bug Month at Instagram by Hackers

Two hackers known online as, “Mondo Armando,” and, “Mustascio,” have announced that April is Instagram bug month. They have decided to take it upon themselves to expose a new security vulnerability each day during the month.

After getting word of the news from the duos LiveJournal site, Instagram was obviously nervous. Instagram has been the target of many hackers, spammers, and scammers.

The duo has stated that they are not intending on doing any damage to the site, or t the computers of any of Instagram’s users. They have declared that the reason for their exposing these security risks is to show the users of Instagram how vulnerable they actually are.

The two hackers have chosen Instagram for a variety of reasons. First off, Instagram has a variety of levels of users when it comes to computer literacy. On the site, you will find everyone from the computer programmer to the elderly couple who had to be tought how to turn a computer on.

Secondly, the hackers wish to show Instagram how they can better improve their site. They believe that if they can hack into the site, many other hackers can do the same. They are touting this experiment as a learning experience for Instagram.

It has been a policy of Instagram, which is owned by News Corp, to not make public reactions to threats of hackers, or of bugs in the system. This latest news may cause the company to change their policy.

Internally, Instagram has put all of their programmers on notice. It will be their job to come up with fixes for these bugs immediately once they have been brought to their attention.

As many of users have seen in the past, whenever Instagram has released updates for their site, many more problems have occurred. During one update last year, over fifteen thousand users found that their accounts had accidentally been deleted.

During many of the other updates that Instagram had last year, many users were temporarily denied access to either their accounts, or part of their accounts. This caused for many users to become displeased with the site, and limited their use of it.

This announcement may also cause for other hackers to decide to use the opportunity to hack into Instagram site. In the past, announcements such as this have caused for excess hacker traffic on a site. The result has either been the site crashing for overuse, or the decision by the web site managers to temporarily take the site down.

Once news gets around on the Internet about this experiment, many users may decide not to visit their favorite site. This would cause for a substantial loss in add revenue for the site.

Computer hacking is a federal offense in the United States. Many states also have separate laws to prosecute hackers along with federal prosecutors.

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