Instagram Hacking News

So You Want to Be a Hacker

How to Become a True Hacker Whenever you say the term hacker, many people automatically think the worst. The term is actually a label of respect only given to the best of the programming community. One thing that you need to keeping mind is that hackers create and crackers destroy. When most people think of hackers they are actually referring to [...] Read more

Essential Guide to Secure Instagram Passwords

Some people reading this will have good instagram passwords, some people will have thought about this before, some people should have thought about this and haven't, and hopefully will after we talked about this a little bit more. How to hack a password using pretty basic techniques There are people who know more about this than me who run other [...] Read more

Hackers like Easy Passwords

So who would use the simplest of passwords like 12345 to access their online account? Would you believe 1 out of 5 web users still do. It's like leaving the key under the doormat- abc123. Amichai Shulman, chief technology officer from Imperva which makes software to block hackers, recently examed a list of 32 million unknown passwords that hackers [...] Read more

Avoid Hacking in Instagram as Well as with Other Online Accounts

We All Hate Malicious Hackers, Here's How to Avoid Them This particular guide refers to tips on how not to get hacked in the social network instagram, however this guide applies to basic online security. All these ideas and tips should be taken seriously and will aid you in your online security measures. What’s ‘Hacking?’ As [...] Read more

What is a Hacker?

The Truth About Computer Hackers So what exactly is a “Hacker?” It is a term that now strikes fear into the hearts of anyone that owns a computer or related device. Only those that are Amish or in a UNICEF commercials are exempted from that list. Most people think that a hacker is actually a bad thing. This is because of the [...] Read more

Computer Hackers and How They Work

In today’s world, the term “computer hacker” is used to describe criminals that break into computer systems that they are not authorized to have access to. Despite the stigma that you average person attaches to hackers, the vast majority of them are not all that intelligent. In fact, most self-proclaimed computer hackers are [...] Read more

A guide to deleting your Instagram account

A lot of people share personal information of varying sensitivities on social media. But the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal might have taught so many people that sharing too much personal data on social media might be wrong. Deleting your social media account might sound extreme, but it may be a step in the right direction towards [...] Read more

April Declared as Bug Month at Instagram by Hackers

Two hackers known online as, “Mondo Armando,” and, “Mustascio,” have announced that April is Instagram bug month. They have decided to take it upon themselves to expose a new security vulnerability each day during the month. After getting word of the news from the duos LiveJournal site, Instagram was obviously nervous. [...] Read more

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