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Welcome to our website and thank you for coming to us. We chose to start this website up after receiving numerous phone calls, emails, and private messages from most of our followers, all of whom wanted to know how we found a way to hack into Instagram so effortlessly.

As the number of people that were referring others to use our services was increasing, we began to realize that we should do something. After all, we became the go-to source for any information on Instagram hacking. And the number of people was incredible.

So, for a while, we were doing the best that we could by helping individuals. We would receive requests, take their details and help them out. We would usually come back to them with a hack guide we had to customize for their scenario.

And, it did work rather well. We were receiving tons of positive feedback and hundreds of messages from people thanking us. And this leads to even more people requesting our help.

As this went on, it became glaringly obvious the number of requests will overwhelm us. So, we came up with a new idea. We would change the tactics altogether. At first, we thought about turning it into a paid service. It did seem like a very profitable business. Charging a fee for hacking into Instagram and setting up an e-commerce website. We could provide passwords to our clients without much effort.

And, while it did seem very tempting at first, we chose against it. Mostly because it would potentially lead to various legal issues. Taking direct payments and hacking personal accounts in return would make us potentially liable in case of lawsuits.

Instead, we chose to go in the opposite direction. We would provide a free service for our visitors who want to hack an Instagram password. They wouldn’t have to download anything or learn how to use complex software. They could just go to our website and hack the password online.

And so came the birth of this website. With very precise motives for providing a free tool for Instagram hacking to our loyal followers.

Who is the hack tool for?

The best part of our Instagram hacking tool is the fact that so many different people can use it. Of course, this service will make most people instantly think of hacker groups and people with bad intentions. However, while we don’t claim that there are no hackers doing this, it is not usually the case.

Surprisingly, after conducting our very own extensive research, we found that over 75% of people had no bad intentions. Namely, while we were manually helping our users upon their requests, we would ask them why they require our help. And the vast majority of our users are regular people who got locked out of their own accounts. Usually by accident. Some of them were actually victims of someone else’s hacking trying to reclaim their accounts.

So, the most common reasons for our users to contact us were:

  • Regaining access to their accounts after accidentally locking themselves out.
  • Finding a way to retrieve their account. Usually after someone else has hacked into it and stole it from them.
  • Playing a prank on a friend.

Of course, there were other cases too, cases that were not so benevolent. While not as common, these would still happen.

  • Stealing an Instagram account of a competitor.
  • Taking over a dormant Instagram account of special significance.

Why choose us?

We are better than any other Instagram password hacker. And we don’t really enjoy boasting as much as others. But, honestly, during our careers, we have used various other Instagram hacking tools. Some of them were paid online tools, and some were offline software. So, we chose to hire a hacking expert and test our tool. This Instagram hacking expert ran tests with our tool and every other tool we could find. And the results that came back show that our tool was clearly superior by a significant margin.

What makes our insta hack tool better?

Extremely simple to use - There are no skill requirements to use our tool. If you can find our website, you can use the tools. That is how simple and easy to use our system is. It is entirely intuitive, and you will need only one thing in order to use our tool. You will need the username of the Instagram account that you want to gain access to.

Secure - Building this website was our project from the ground up. We claim ownership of every single line of code on this website. And we do all website maintenance ourselves. Every step of the way, we kept your security and privacy in mind, so you don’t have to worry about those things.

How to use our online Instagram hacking service?

There is nothing to explain really. Our password retrieval service is so simple that no explanation is really necessary. However, if you really want to double check everything with a guide, you can. Go to our Instagram password hacking page, and you will be able to find everything you need. And, when you read through it, simply use the same page to carry out your hack. Regaining the control over your locked account has never been easier.


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